Deborah’s Presentation Topics

Deborah Gardner’s vibrant presentations are not only informing and engaging but her audiences are completely enthused to implement the ideas before leaving the room. How? Deborah understands… it’s all about them. Her strategy and delivery style resonates from a “motivational own it” stand point that her audiences gets immediately. Here are just a few outstanding and impactful topics that can be custom-designed specifically for your organization:

REACH FOR YOUR WALL: Successful Leadership Lessons From A Swimming Champion

Taking from Deborah’s competitive and gold medal swimming career, learn how having a goal is not enough to stay ahead of the competition and win. To transform and deal with change, there’s purely more than just having the competitive edge or advantage to win. Success is a process. Striving for what’s the most effective way to accomplish your goals, dreams and passions, you have to reach for your wall. Whether it’s for personal or professional, attain remarkable accomplishments by taking the challenge.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how the biggest contributor to success ensures your determination into commitment
  • How to avoid the “goal crushing” mistakes
  • Hear the #1 single most critical element to help reach your wall

REACH FOR YOUR WALL: Top Advanced Negotiation Strategies To Achieve Winning Results

Our studies show that most negotiators know they are faced with on-going, intense and complex daily negotiating issues. However, they don’t realize the simplicity to prevent losses by getting rid of the old boring ways that just don’t work and start applying the truth for successful negotiating. Participating in this highly interactive and practice-driven program, everyone will learn how to win without even dealing with the competition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn 3 effective ways to create value to the other side so you get what you want
  • Experience negotiating strategies, techniques, ideas and even a formula that works
  • Discuss your challenges and hear a wide range of answers to reach your wall when negotiating

REACH FOR YOUR WALL: How to Sell In A Competitive World And Win More Business

The key element that separates top producers from average producers is their ability to learn new sales techniques while mastering the fundamentals for greater results. Apply the new “Gold Medal Sales” formula and win like a champion. Hear how relationships and partnerships impact your goals. Check out the recent trends so you can stay ahead of the sales game while winning customers for life.

Key Takeaways:

  • View the new way to convince others of your products, services or ideas
  • Apply 3 effective ways to get a “YES” while enhancing customer relationships
  • Elevate YOU to compete, stop your fears and conquer your goals

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